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<p>An example that uses config files located in the toplevel directory and
@@ -635,52 +638,22 @@ $ make me&lt;TAB&gt;
conflicts, but will use unique build directories, where the user
can configure the build. </p>
- <p><b>THINGS TO DO</b></p>
+ <h2><a name="Linux" id="Linux"></a>Linux</h2>
- <li>Linux</li>
- <p>The current Linux implementation is flawed. It only works
- if the user chooses to use one of the few kernels selected
- as base for the kernel-headers. While the Makefile seems to have
- hooks, allowing the developer to specify whatever version he/she
- wants in the target/device/*/* Makefiles, the build will fail
- if another kernel version is choosen.</p>
- <p>The reason for this is that the kernel patches are not
- applied by the <code>&quot;target/linux/linux.mk&quot;</code>
- build script fragment. They are only applied by the
- <code>&quot;toolchain/kernel-headers/*.makefile&quot;</code>
- build script fragments</p>
- <p>If the kernel-header version and the linux version differs,
- there will be two <code>&quot;linux-2.6.X.Y&quot;</code>
- directories in
- <code>&quot;build_&lt;ARCH&gt;/&lt;&gt;&quot;</code>,
- each with its own set of patches. </p>
- <p>The solution in the works, is to move the build of Linux to
- <code>&quot;project_build_&lt;ARCH&gt;/&lt;project name&gt;/linux-2.6.X.Y&quot;</code> combined with method to configure
- which patches can be applied. Possibly, the linux source tree
- used to generate the kernel headers will be moved to the
- <code>&quot;toolchain_build_&lt;ARCH&gt;&quot;</code>
- directory
- </p>
- <p>The user will be able to select from three different
- Linux strategies:
+ <p>The user can select from three different Linux strategies:
- <li>Conservative Strategy: Only use version ssupported by the kernel headers</li>
- <li>Stable Linux Strategy: Allow any 2.6.X.Y combination.
+ <li>Legacy: Only use version supported by the kernel headers</li>
+ <li>Advanced: Allow any 2.6.X.Y combination.
(Minimum 2.6.19)</li>
<li>Power-User Strategy: Allow
<code>&quot;-git&quot;</code>, or
<code>&quot;-mm&quot;</code>, or user downloadable kernels</li>
- <p>The current kernel patches can be configured to be applied to the
+ <p>The current kernel patches can be applied to the
linux source tree even if the version differs from the
kernel header version. </p>
@@ -690,7 +663,7 @@ $ make me&lt;TAB&gt;
proprietary kernel-patch or decide to not apply the kernel
- <p>Other optional patches will be <u>board specific</u> or
+ <p>There is also support for <u>board specific</u> and
<u>architecture specific</u> patches. </p>
<p>There will also be a way for the user to supply absolute
@@ -701,9 +674,27 @@ $ make me&lt;TAB&gt;
<p>Maybe, there will also be a possibility to supply an
<code>&quot;URL&quot;</code> to a patch available on Internet. </p>
+ <p>
+ If there is no linux config file available,
+ buildroot starts the linux configuration system, which
+ defaults to "make menuconfig". There is a menuoption
+ allowing you to use the less archaic "make xconfig"
+ You can override any .config setting by defining
+ the BUILDROOT_USE_XWINDOWS environment variable.
+ </p>
- <li>Configurable packages</li>
+ </ol>
+ <h2><a name="Todo" id="Todo"></a>Todo</h2>
+ <ol>
+ <li>Configurable packages</li>
<p>Many packages can, on top of the simple
&quot;enable/disable build&quot;,
be further configured using Kconfig.