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Announce the first Buildroot Developer Day
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+ <li><b>7 September 2009 -- First Buildroot Developer Day</b>
+ <p>The first <i>Buildroot Developer Day</i> will take place on
+ Saturday, October 17th in Grenoble, France, just the day after
+ Embedded Linux Conference Europe. This <i>Developer Day</i> aims
+ at allowing Buildroot developers to meet and exchange ideas on the
+ project and its future.</p>
+ <p>As the number of places is limited, interested candidates are
+ invited to send an e-mail to Peter Korsgaard (<code>jacmet at
+ uclibc dot org</code>) and Thomas Petazzoni (<code>thomas dot
+ petazzoni at free-electrons dot com</code>).</p>
+ <p>This <i>Developer Day</i> will take place thanks to the
+ sponsoring of <a href="http://www.calao-systems.com">Calao
+ Systems</a> and <a href="http://www.free-electrons.com">Free
+ Electrons</a>.</p>
<li><b>31 August 2009 -- 2009.08 released</b>
<p>The stable 2009.08 release is out - Thanks to everyone