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packago/go: security bump to version 1.15.7HEADmaster
Fixes the following security issues: - cmd/go: packages using cgo can cause arbitrary code execution at build time The go command may execute arbitrary code at build time when cgo is in use on Windows. This may occur when running “go get”, or any other command that builds code. Only users who build untrusted code (and don’t execute it) are affected. In addition to Windows users, this can also affect Unix users who have “.” listed explicitly in their PATH and are running “go get” or build commands outside of a module or with module mode disabled. Thanks to RyotaK (https://twitter.com/ryotkak) for reporting this issue. This issue is CVE-2021-3115 and Go issue golang.org/issue/43783. - crypto/elliptic: incorrect operations on the P-224 curve The P224() Curve implementation can in rare circumstances generate incorrect outputs, including returning invalid points from ScalarMult. The crypto/x509 and golang.org/x/crypto/ocsp (but not crypto/tls) packages support P-224 ECDSA keys, but they are not supported by publicly trusted certificate authorities. No other standard library or golang.org/x/crypto package supports or uses the P-224 curve. The incorrect output was found by the elliptic-curve-differential-fuzzer project running on OSS-Fuzz and reported by Philippe Antoine (Catena cyber). This issue is CVE-2021-3114 and Go issue golang.org/issue/43786. Signed-off-by: Peter Korsgaard <peter@korsgaard.com>
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