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authorGravatar Peter Seiderer <ps.report@gmx.net>2015-10-03 20:44:12 +0100
committerGravatar Peter Korsgaard <peter@korsgaard.com>2015-10-04 20:17:35 +0200
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dtc: add host build
Having a host variant of dtc is needed for example for U-Boot, which uses the Device Tree for a number of platforms. In addition, now that we have a proper host-dtc package, it is no longer needed for the linux package to install the host dtc compiler: users interested in having the host dtc compiler can simply enable this package. A Config.in.host option is added to build host-dtc, because the initial reason why the host DTC built by the kernel was installed in $(HOST_DIR)/usr/bin (commit 707d44d0a28906ebda49584dd5f55985406f0bde from Thomas DS) was: Having dtc as a host tool can be useful for users that have a custom boot scenario where the device tree is not embedded in the kernel. [Thomas: - rework the commit log.] [Peter: keep the (renamed) linux version] Signed-off-by: Peter Seiderer <ps.report@gmx.net> Signed-off-by: Thomas Petazzoni <thomas.petazzoni@free-electrons.com> Signed-off-by: Peter Korsgaard <peter@korsgaard.com>
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@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@ menu "Host utilities"
source "package/dfu-util/Config.in.host"
source "package/dos2unix/Config.in.host"
source "package/dosfstools/Config.in.host"
+ source "package/dtc/Config.in.host"
source "package/e2fsprogs/Config.in.host"
source "package/e2tools/Config.in.host"
source "package/faketime/Config.in.host"