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ktap: bump version for linux-4.8 support
Fixes #10776 The upstream git repo contains a number of fixes for building against newer kernel versions, so bump the version. git shortlog eb66d40310c93dc82bc8eac889744c1ed1f01f7b.. Alain Kalker (2): uprobe: Print the symbol, not the matching pattern uprobe: Blacklist uretprobes on _start Aleksa Sarai (2): runtime: update GFP_WAIT to GFP_RECLAIM userspace: fix up argument parsing NULL dereference Alexey Makhalov (1): Fix building for v4.8 kernel Azat Khuzhin (12): Use get_unused_fd_flags(0) instead of get_unused_fd() Support trace_seq::seq Ignore separate debug files (*.dwo) Use trace_seq_has_overflowed() makefile: split vim plugins installing into separate target makefile: use DESTDIR for install (allow to change install dir) makefile: install: create dirs makefile: use ldflags for linking ktap makefile: add CPPFLAGS to KTAPC_CFLAGS, to allow change default flags ignore: exclude /debian Support compilation for 4.2 (ftrace_events cleanup) runtime: fix building on 4.3 Jovi Zhangwei (11): Merge pull request #84 from azat/linux-3.19-fixes-v3 Merge pull request #85 from azat/debian-preparations-v2 Merge pull request #88 from NanXiao/master Merge pull request #89 from NanXiao/patch-1 Merge pull request #91 from NanXiao/patch-1 Merge pull request #90 from azat/linux-4.2-compilation-fixes Merge pull request #99 from cyphar/fix-null-deref Merge pull request #98 from cyphar/fix-gfp-reclaim Merge pull request #97 from azat/fix-building-4.3-__GFP_RECLAIM Merge pull request #103 from ackalker/blacklist Merge pull request #104 from YustasSwamp/master Nan Xiao (3): Update tutorial.md Update Makefile Fix memory leak issue in main function. WEI ZHANG (1): ktap: Change the copyright to Huawei Technologies While we are at it, also add a hash for the license file. Signed-off-by: Peter Korsgaard <peter@korsgaard.com>
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