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authorGravatar Nigel Kukard <nkukard@lbsd.net>2009-06-15 13:54:14 +0000
committerGravatar Peter Korsgaard <jacmet@sunsite.dk>2009-06-20 07:18:52 +0200
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LVM2 now provides device-mapper
- Updated LVM2 to version 2.02.47 - Added option to only install dmsetup - Updated config description - thanks Olaf Rempel - Fixed readline issues - thanks Olaf Rempel Signed-off-by: Nigel Kukard <nkukard@lbsd.net> Signed-off-by: Peter Korsgaard <jacmet@sunsite.dk>
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- bool "lvm2"
- select BR2_PACKAGE_DM
+ bool "lvm2 & device mapper"
+ depends on BR2_LARGEFILE
- LVM2 refers to a new userspace toolset that provide logical
- volume management facilities on linux. It is reasonably backwards-
- compatible with the original LVM toolset.
+ This is LVM2, the rewrite of The Linux Logical Volume Manager.
+ LVM supports enterprise level volume management of disk and disk
+ subsystems by grouping arbitrary disks into volume groups. The total
+ capacity of volume groups can be allocated to logical volumes, which
+ are accessed as regular block devices.
+ The Linux Kernel Device Mapper is the LVM
+ (Linux Logical Volume Management) Team's implementation of a
+ minimalistic kernel-space driver that handles volume management,
+ while keeping knowledge of the underlying device layout in
+ user-space. This makes it useful for not only LVM, but EVMS,
+ software raid, and other drivers that create "virtual" block devices.
+ bool "install dmsetup only"
+ depends on BR2_PACKAGE_LVM2
+ help
+ Install dmsetup only and skip the LVM2 suite.
+comment "lvm2 requires a toolchain with LARGEFILE support"
+ depends on !BR2_LARGEFILE