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pkg-generic: detect incorrectly used package
In Buildroot, the selection of a package from a Config.in level and from a Makefile level are completely disconnected. This can lead to issues where the build of a package is triggered at the Makefile level due to the package being listed in another package <pkg>_DEPENDENCIES variable, even if that package is not enabled in the configuration. This has for example been the case recently with python-can having 'python' in its <pkg>_DEPENDENCIES, while python-can could be enabled when Python 3.x is used, in which case the 'python' package should not be built. To detect such issues more easily, this patch adds a check in the package infrastructure. When the build process of a package is being triggered, we verify that the package is enabled in the configuration. We do this check in the "configure" step, since this step is the first common step between the normal download case and the "local site method" / "package override" case. [Thomas: adjust the error message as suggested by Yann, to take into account the fact that the problem might not be in a direct reverse dependency, but in something higher up in the tree of reverse dependencies.] Signed-off-by: Thomas Petazzoni <thomas.petazzoni@free-electrons.com>
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