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package/privoxy: security bump to version 3.0.29HEADmaster
From the release notes: - Security/Reliability: - Fixed memory leaks when a response is buffered and the buffer limit is reached or Privoxy is running out of memory. Commits bbd53f1010b and 4490d451f9b. OVE-20201118-0001. Sponsored by: Robert Klemme - Fixed a memory leak in the show-status CGI handler when no action files are configured. Commit c62254a686. OVE-20201118-0002. Sponsored by: Robert Klemme - Fixed a memory leak in the show-status CGI handler when no filter files are configured. Commit 1b1370f7a8a. OVE-20201118-0003. Sponsored by: Robert Klemme - Fixes a memory leak when client tags are active. Commit 245e1cf32. OVE-20201118-0004. Sponsored by: Robert Klemme - Fixed a memory leak if multiple filters are executed and the last one is skipped due to a pcre error. Commit 5cfb7bc8fe. OVE-20201118-0005. - Prevent an unlikely dereference of a NULL-pointer that could result in a crash if accept-intercepted-requests was enabled, Privoxy failed to get the request destination from the Host header and a memory allocation failed. Commit 7530132349. CID 267165. OVE-20201118-0006. - Fixed memory leaks in the client-tags CGI handler when client tags are configured and memory allocations fail. Commit cf5640eb2a. CID 267168. OVE-20201118-0007. - Fixed memory leaks in the show-status CGI handler when memory allocations fail. Commit 064eac5fd0 and commit fdee85c0bf3. CID 305233. OVE-20201118-0008. For more details, see the announcement: https://www.openwall.com/lists/oss-security/2020/11/29/1 Signed-off-by: Peter Korsgaard <peter@korsgaard.com>
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