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tools: rename to 'utils'
After some discussion, we found out that "tools" has the four first letters identical to the "toolchain" subfolder, which makes it a bit unpractical with tab-completion. So, this commit renames "tools" to "utils", which is more tab-completion-friendly. This has been discussed with Arnout and Yann. Signed-off-by: Thomas Petazzoni <thomas.petazzoni@free-electrons.com>
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+This directory contains various useful scripts and tools for working
+with Buildroot. You need not add this directory in your PATH to use
+any of those tools, but you may do so if you want.
+ a script that can be run instead of make, that prepends the date in
+ front of each line, redirects all of the build output to a file
+ ("'br.log' in the current directory), and just outputs the Buildroot
+ messages (those lines starting with >>>) on stdout.
+ Do not run this script for interactive configuration (e.g. menuconfig)
+ or on an unconfigured directory. The output is redirected so you will see
+ nothing.
+ a script that checks the coding style of a package's Config.in and
+ .mk files, and also tests them for various types of typoes.
+ a script to return the list of people interested in a specific part
+ of Buildroot, so they can be Cc:ed on a mail. Accepts a patch as
+ input, a package name or and architecture name.
+ a script to create a Buildroot package by scanning a CPAN module
+ description.
+ a script to create a Buildroot package by scanning a PyPI package
+ description.
+ a script to compare the rootfs size between two differnt Buildroot
+ configurations. This can be used to identify the size impact of
+ a specific option, or of a set of specific options, or an update
+ to a newer Buildroot version...
+ a script that tests a specific package against a set of various
+ toolchains, with the goal to detect toolchain-related dependencies
+ (wchar, threads...)