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<p>This command will generally perform the following steps:</p>
<li>Download source files (as required)</li>
- <li>Configure cross-compile toolchain</li>
- <li>Build/install cross-compile toolchain</li>
+ <li>Configure, build and install the cross-compiling toolchain
+ if an internal toolchain is used, or import a toolchain if an
+ external toolchain is used</li>
<li>Build/install selected target packages</li>
- <li>Build a kernel image</li>
+ <li>Build a kernel image, if selected</li>
+ <li>Build a bootloader image, if selected</li>
<li>Create a root filesystem in selected formats</li>
- <p>Some of the above steps might not be performed if they are not
- selected in the Buildroot configuration.
- </p>
<p>Buildroot output is stored in a single directory, <code>output/</code>.
This directory contains several subdirectories:</p>