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Fixes all over the tree and new features.
+ Architecture: Powerpc64 BE/LE added, AVR32 deprecated.
+ Improved altivec / SPE /atomic instructions
+ handling. Additional PowerPC CPU variants added.
+ Defconfigs: Atmel SAMA5D3, Congatec QMX6, Lego ev3, TS-5x00,
+ qemu-system-xtensa, qemu-aarch64-virt added. A number of
+ tweaks to existing ones. lpc32xx defconfigs removed.
+ Toolchain: Microblaze support for internal musl toolchain.
+ Default to GCC 4.8 for internal toolchain, remove deprecated
+ 4.3 and 4.6 versions.
+ External CodeSourcery / Linaro toolchain updates, option to
+ copy gconv libraries for external toolchains.
+ Infrastructure: graph-depends: misc fixes, transitive
+ dependencies are not drawn by default. Download handling is
+ now done using helper scripts. Integrity of downloads can now
+ be verified using sha* hashes. Subversion download now uses
+ peg revisions for robustness.
+ Legal-info: License info of local or overridden packages are
+ saved as well. Toolchain packages are also taken into account.
+ autotools: Static linking with libtool / v1.5 improvements.
+ Gettextize support, similar to autoreconf.
+ kconfig package infrastructure added.
+ Misc: Version selection for busybox dropped.
Updated/fixed packages: aespipe, aiccu, alsa-lib, alsa-utils,
alsamixergui, argus, armadillo, at, atftp, atk, avahi,
avrdude, axel, b43-firmware, b43-fwcutter, bandwidthd, bc,