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<p>Of course, you can add other options to configure particular
things in your software. </p>
+ <p>Finally you have to add your new <code>foo/Config.in</code> to
+ <code>package/Config.in</code>. The files included there are
+ <em>sorted alphabetically</em> per category and are <em>NOT<em>
+ supposed to contain anything but the <em>bare</em> name of the package.</p>
+source "package/procps/Config.in"
+ <p><strong>Note:</strong><br>
+ Generally all packages should live <em>directly</em> in the
+ <code>package</code> directory to make it easier to find them.
+ </p>
<h3>The real <i>Makefile</i></h3>
<p>Finally, here's the hardest part. Create a file named