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-The latest release candidate is <b>2013.11-rc1</b>, which can be
+The latest release candidate is <b>2013.11-rc2</b>, which can be
downloaded here:<p>
-<a href="/downloads/buildroot-2013.11-rc1.tar.gz">buildroot-2013.11-rc1.tar.gz</a>
+<a href="/downloads/buildroot-2013.11-rc2.tar.gz">buildroot-2013.11-rc2.tar.gz</a>
-<a href="/downloads/buildroot-2013.11-rc1.tar.bz2">buildroot-2013.11-rc1.tar.bz2</a>.
+<a href="/downloads/buildroot-2013.11-rc2.tar.bz2">buildroot-2013.11-rc2.tar.bz2</a>.
This and earlier releases can always be downloaded from
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+ <li><b>18 November 2013 -- 2013.11-rc2 released</b>
+ <p>Another week, another release candidate with more cleanups and
+ build fixes. See the <a
+ href="http://git.buildroot.net/buildroot/plain/CHANGES?id=2013.11-rc2">CHANGES</a>
+ file for details.</p>
+ <p>Head to the <a href="/downloads/">downloads page</a> to pick up the
+ <a href="/downloads/buildroot-2013.11-rc2.tar.bz2">2013.11-rc2
+ release candidate</a>, and report any problems found to the <a
+ href="lists.html">mailing list</a> or <a
+ href="https://bugs.uclibc.org">bug tracker</a>.</p>
<li><b>13 November 2013 -- Announcement of the next Buildroot Developer Days</b>
<p>The next <i>Buildroot Developer Days</i> meeting will take