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@@ -258,6 +258,12 @@ removed, preferably with the upstream commit ID. Also any other
required changes should be explained explicitly, like configure
options that no longer exist or are no longer needed.
+If you are interested in getting notified of build failures and of
+further changes in the packages you added or modified, please add
+yourself to the DEVELOPERS file. This should be done in a separate
+patch of the series. See xref:DEVELOPERS[the DEVELOPERS file] for more
==== Preparing a patch series
Starting from the changes committed in your local git view, _rebase_
@@ -284,8 +290,9 @@ Once patch files are generated, you can review/edit the commit message
before submitting them, using your favorite text editor.
Buildroot provides a handy tool to know to whom your patches should be
-sent, called +get-developers+. This tool reads your patches and
-outputs the appropriate +git send-email+ command to use:
+sent, called +get-developers+ (see xref:DEVELOPERS[] for more
+information). This tool reads your patches and outputs the appropriate
++git send-email+ command to use:
$ ./support/scripts/get-developers outgoing/*
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+== DEVELOPERS file and get-developers
+The main Buildroot directory contains a file named +DEVELOPERS+ that
+list the developers involved with various areas of Buildroot. Thanks to
+this file, the +get-developer+ tool allows to:
+- Calculate the list of developers to whom patches should be sent, by
+ parsing the patches and matching the modified files with the
+ relevant developers. See xref:submitting-patches[] for details.
+- Find which developers are taking care of a given architecture or
+ package, so that they can be notified when a build failure occurs on
+ this architecture or package. This is done in interaction with
+ Buildroot's autobuild infrastructure.
+We ask developers adding new packages, new boards, or generally new
+functionality in Buildroot, to register themselves in the +DEVELOPERS+
+file. As an example, we expect a developer contributing a new package
+to include in his patch the appropriate modification to the
+The +DEVELOPERS+ file format is documented in detail inside the file
+The +get-developer+ tool, located in +support/scripts+ allows to use
+the +DEVELOPERS+ file for various tasks:
+- When passing one or several patches as command line argument,
+ +get-developer+ will return the appropriate +git send-email+
+ command.
+- When using the +-a <arch>+ command line option, +get-developer+ will
+ return the list of developers in charge of the given architecture.
+- When using the +-p <package>+ command line option, +get-developer+
+ will return the list of developers in charge of the given package.
+- When using the +-c+ command line option, +get-developer+ will look
+ at all files under version control in the Buildroot repository, and
+ list the ones that are not handled by any developer. The purpose of
+ this option is to help completing the +DEVELOPERS+ file.
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= Appendix