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+menu "Target filesystem options"
+ string "Custom script to run before packing files"
+ default ""
+ help
+ Specify a script to be run after the build has finished and before
+ the BR2 starts packing the files into selected packages.
+ This gives users the oportunity to do board-specific cleanups,
+ add-ons and the like, so the generated files can be used directly
+ without further processing.
+ The script is called with the target directory name as first and
+ only argument. Make sure the exit code of that script is 0,
+ otherwise make will stop after calling it.
+source "fs/cramfs/Config.in"
+source "fs/cloop/Config.in"
+source "fs/ext2/Config.in"
+source "fs/jffs2/Config.in"
+source "fs/ubifs/Config.in"
+source "fs/squashfs/Config.in"
+source "fs/tar/Config.in"
+source "fs/cpio/Config.in"
+source "fs/iso9660/Config.in"
+source "fs/initramfs/Config.in"
+source "fs/romfs/Config.in"