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@@ -276,4 +276,22 @@ config BR2_ROOTFS_POST_BUILD_SCRIPT
only argument. Make sure the exit code of those scripts are 0,
otherwise make will stop after calling them.
+ string "Custom scripts to run after creating filesystem images"
+ default ""
+ help
+ Specify a space-separated list of scripts to be run after
+ the build has finished and after Buildroot has packed the
+ files into selected filesystem images.
+ This can for example be used to call a tool building a
+ firmware image from different images generated by Buildroot,
+ or automatically extract the tarball root filesystem image
+ into some location exported by NFS, or any other custom
+ action.
+ These scripts are called with the images directory name as
+ first and only argument. The script is executed from the
+ main Buildroot source directory as the current directory.