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- string "Atmel AVR32/AT91 download site"
- default "ftp://www.at91.com/pub/buildroot/"
- help
- Unofficial site for AVR32/AT91 Buildroot patches, or your
- local mirror.
- Atmel does not currently support buildroot, but this site makes
- available neccessary patches and prepatched packages useful
- to extend a buildroot for AVR32 or AT91 ARM based boards.
- Issues with contents of this server needs to be highlighted
- on the buildroot mailing list and should not be addressed
- directly to Atmel.
- Atmel provides support for their AVR32 chips on
- http://avr32linux.org/ or http://www.avrfreaks.net/
- Atmel provides support for AT91 chips on www.at91.com.
- Commercial AT91 Linux support is through www.timesys.com
- Community AT91 Linux support is through
- http://maxim.org.za/AT91_26.html
- string "Atmel AT91 Linux Patch download site"
- default "http://maxim.org.za/AT91RM9200/2.6/"
- help
- Patches for the AT91 generated by the Linux community
- usually ends up here, courtesy of Andrew Victor