Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* cmake: pass HOST_CONFIGURE_OPTS at configure timeHEADmasterThomas Petazzoni2 hours
* nodejs: security bump 0.10.x series to 0.10.48Peter Korsgaard19 hours
* fwts: bump to version V16.11.00Erico Nunes19 hours
* acpica: bump to version 20161117Erico Nunes19 hours
* package/tinc: upgrade to upstream version 1.0.30Zoltan Gyarmati19 hours
* package/qjson: upgrade to upstream 0.9.0, update CMakeLists.txt patch to prop...Zoltan Gyarmati19 hours
* package/crudini: upgrade to 0.8Zoltan Gyarmati19 hours
* package/norm: make it a waf-packageYann E. MORIN20 hours
* package/mpv: make it a waf-packageYann E. MORIN20 hours
* package/libimxvpuapi: make it a waf-packageYann E. MORIN20 hours
* package/jack2: make it a waf-packageYann E. MORIN20 hours
* package/gst1-imx: make it a waf-packageYann E. MORIN20 hours
* package/glmark2: make it a waf-packageYann E. MORIN20 hours
* developpers: add myself as pkg-waf develYann E. MORIN20 hours
* docs/manual: document the waf-package infraYann E. MORIN20 hours
* core: add waf-package infraYann E. MORIN21 hours
* package/waf: new host packageYann E. MORIN21 hours
* stella: fix bug when compiling with PPC altivec vectorizationSergio Prado21 hours
* docs/manual: fix FOO_PKGDIR name and definitionDanomi Manchego21 hours
* toolchain: Bump ARC tools to arc-2016.09-rc2Zakharov Vlad22 hours
* libinput: bump to version 1.5.2Gustavo Zacarias22 hours
* libxkbcommon: bump to version 0.7.0Gustavo Zacarias22 hours
* btrfs-progs: bump to version 4.8.5Gustavo Zacarias25 hours
* dbus: bump to version 1.10.14Gustavo Zacarias25 hours
* kexec: fix build when BR2_STRIP_none=yMarcin Nowakowski26 hours
* linux: bump default to version 4.8.12Gustavo Zacarias26 hours
* linux-headers: bump 4.{4, 8}.x seriesGustavo Zacarias26 hours
* package/libxml-parser-perl: bump version to 2.44Jörg Krause33 hours
* package/libuv: bump version to v1.10.1Jörg Krause33 hours
* package/upmpdcli: bump version to 1.2.10Jörg Krause33 hours
* libevdev: bump version to 1.5.5Peter Seiderer33 hours
* cmake: bump version to 3.7.1Vicente Olivert Riera33 hours
* gnuplot: bump version to 5.0.5Vicente Olivert Riera33 hours
* subversion: bump version to 1.9.5Vicente Olivert Riera33 hours
* lvm2: bump version to 2.02.168Vicente Olivert Riera33 hours
* Merge branch 'next'Peter Korsgaard34 hours
| * xterm: depend on libXinerama if appropriatenextJérôme Pouiller3 days
| * rpm: switch to version 4.13.0James Knight3 days
| * package/libdvbcsa: fix altivec problems on powerpc64Sam bobroff3 days
| * Revert "jasper: Disable debugging when building for xtensa"Max Filippov3 days
| * ncftp: bump version to 3.2.6Vicente Olivert Riera3 days
| * libgtk3: bump version to 3.22.4Vicente Olivert Riera3 days
| * luarocks: bump to version 2.4.2Francois Perrad3 days
| * lua-messagepack: bump to version 0.3.6Francois Perrad3 days
| * lsqlite3: bump to version 0.9.4Francois Perrad3 days
| * lttng-libust: bump version to 2.9.0Vicente Olivert Riera3 days
| * lttng-babeltrace: bump version to 1.5.0Vicente Olivert Riera3 days
| * lttng-modules: bump version to 2.9.0Vicente Olivert Riera3 days
| * lttng-tools: bump version to 2.9.0Vicente Olivert Riera3 days
| * toolchain-external: bump Linaro AArch64 toolchain to 2016.11Romain Naour3 days