Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* cvs: convert to autotargetsGravatar Martin Banky2010-09-302-67/+26
* acpid: convert to gentargets and bump to 2.0.6Gravatar Martin Banky2010-09-292-39/+24
* lockfile-progs: cleanup install/uninstallGravatar Peter Korsgaard2010-09-291-2/+11
* lockfile-progs: convert to gentargets and bump to 0.1.15Gravatar Martin Banky2010-09-293-43/+22
* liberation: convert to gentargets and bump to Martin Banky2010-09-292-42/+21
* gadgets-test: convert to gentargetsGravatar Martin Banky2010-09-292-40/+21
* fconfig: convert to gentargets and bump to 20080329Gravatar Martin Banky2010-09-294-218/+20
* libdaemon; bump versionGravatar Peter Korsgaard2010-09-292-22/+23
* dosfstools: needs largefile supportGravatar Peter Korsgaard2010-09-291-0/+4
* Merge branch 'for-2010.11/kernel-image-formats' of git://git.busybox.net/~tpe...Gravatar Peter Korsgaard2010-09-292-5/+11
| * linux: fix uImage location on AVR32Gravatar Thomas Petazzoni2010-09-291-0/+4
| * linux: restrict output image formats to the appropriate archesGravatar Thomas Petazzoni2010-09-292-5/+7
* | fix buildroot.html typosGravatar Yegor Yefremov2010-09-281-9/+9
* barebox/u-boot/linux: don't error out on missing config when make sourceGravatar Peter Korsgaard2010-09-283-3/+10
* docs/news.html: typo, fix Thomas' family nameGravatar Peter Korsgaard2010-09-281-1/+1
* news.html: Announce developer day in Cambridge, UKGravatar Peter Korsgaard2010-09-281-0/+14
* dropbear: fix xauth tweak since dbcec2b2Gravatar Peter Korsgaard2010-09-281-2/+2
* hdparm: convert to gentargets and bump to 9.32Gravatar Martin Banky2010-09-273-51/+22
* lm-sensors: full install, install into staging, make bins configurableGravatar Peter Korsgaard2010-09-272-12/+66
* lm-sensors: convert to gentargets and bump to 3.1.2Gravatar Martin Banky2010-09-272-54/+26
* docs/buildroot.html: document Makefile wrapper in output dirGravatar Peter Korsgaard2010-09-271-1/+16
* docs/buildroot.html: minor tweaksGravatar Peter Korsgaard2010-09-271-2/+2
* CHANGES: update with recent developmentGravatar Peter Korsgaard2010-09-271-12/+27
* Merge branch 'for-2010.11/no-install-strip' of git://git.busybox.net/~tpetazz...Gravatar Peter Korsgaard2010-09-27105-151/+0
| * packages: remove unneeded _INSTALL_TARGET_OPT definitionsGravatar Thomas Petazzoni2010-09-27104-147/+0
| * autotargets: don't use install-stripGravatar Thomas Petazzoni2010-09-271-4/+0
* | vsftpd: convert to gentargets, bump version and fix buildGravatar Peter Korsgaard2010-09-275-100/+66
* | u-boot: pass ARCH/CROSS_COMPILE when running make <board>_configGravatar Peter Korsgaard2010-09-271-1/+2
* thttpd: don't use parallel makeGravatar Peter Korsgaard2010-09-272-3/+3
* linux/kernel-headers: bump 2.6.32.x / 2.6.35.x stable versionsGravatar Peter Korsgaard2010-09-274-5/+64
* Makefile: generate a Makefile wrapper in $(O)Gravatar Yann E. MORIN2010-09-263-17/+78
* axel: convert to gentargets and bump to 2.4Gravatar Martin Banky2010-09-263-45/+39
* logrotate: convert to gentargets and bump to 3.7.9Gravatar Martin Banky2010-09-262-38/+32
* hwdata: convert to gentargets and bump to 0.230Gravatar Martin Banky2010-09-262-41/+12
* dosfstools: convert to gentargets and bump to 3.0.10Gravatar Martin Banky2010-09-262-84/+44
* hotplug: mark as deprecatedGravatar Peter Korsgaard2010-09-262-1/+2
* bsdiff: convert to gentargetsGravatar Martin Banky2010-09-262-61/+38
* boa: convert to autotargetsGravatar Peter Korsgaard2010-09-263-80/+21
* fbset: misc cleanupGravatar Peter Korsgaard2010-09-261-5/+5
* fbset: convert to gentargetsGravatar Martin Banky2010-09-262-53/+28
* ezxml: misc fixesGravatar Peter Korsgaard2010-09-261-2/+17
* ezxml: convert to gentargetsGravatar Martin Banky2010-09-262-38/+16
* dbus: bump to 1.2.24Gravatar Chih-Min Chao2010-09-261-1/+1
* tiff: bump to 3.9.4Gravatar Chih-Min Chao2010-09-261-1/+1
* iperf: bump to 2.0.5Gravatar Chih-Min Chao2010-09-262-3/+3
* sdl_mixer: disable plugins not available in BR, add optional mp3/ogg supportGravatar Peter Korsgaard2010-09-252-4/+26
* iproute: bump version and convert to gentargetsGravatar Gustavo Zacarias2010-09-253-56/+38
* wpa_supplicant: fix build without opensslGravatar Peter Korsgaard2010-09-231-2/+2
* hostapd: fix build without opensslGravatar Peter Korsgaard2010-09-231-0/+1
* openvpn: bump version, fix build with --disable-cryptoGravatar Peter Korsgaard2010-09-232-1/+31