path: root/package/asterisk/Config.in
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* package/asterisk: needs threadsGravatar Fabrice Fontaine2019-01-121-2/+4
* package/asterisk: enable for uclibc toolchainsGravatar Bernd Kuhls2018-12-091-4/+3
* package/asterisk: bump version to 16.0.0Gravatar Bernd Kuhls2018-12-091-3/+8
* package/asterisk: new packageGravatar Yann E. MORIN2017-09-231-0/+26
* audio: Move all audio packages into audio subdirGravatar Daniel Laird2008-09-051-12/+0
* Kconfig: remove 'default n'Gravatar Peter Korsgaard2008-07-171-1/+0
* buildroot: s/depends/depends on/Gravatar Peter Korsgaard2008-06-191-3/+3
* Make asterisk depend on packets, instead of selecting themGravatar Ulf Samuelsson2007-11-291-2/+5
* add asterisk package per case 0000456Gravatar David Anders2006-01-241-0/+10