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* If both bash and busybox are selected, make certain bash winsGravatar Eric Andersen2004-12-271-0/+6
* convert patches to -p1 formatGravatar Mike Frysinger2004-10-1914-367/+71
* bash-3.0Gravatar Mike Frysinger2004-10-1814-4/+1306
* help textGravatar Mike Frysinger2004-10-141-4/+3
* Make the TAR_VERBOSITY option a bit more saneGravatar Eric Andersen2004-10-091-1/+1
* use $(TAR_VERBOSITY)Gravatar Mike Frysinger2004-10-091-1/+1
* final step in buildroot faceliftGravatar Eric Andersen2004-10-092-0/+11
* Remove the old 'make' directory, and populate the new 'package'Gravatar Eric Andersen2004-10-091-0/+72