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* dhcpcd: bump to version 6.6.7Gravatar Gustavo Zacarias2014-12-242-2/+2
* Rename BR2_PREFER_STATIC_LIB to BR2_STATIC_LIBSGravatar Thomas Petazzoni2014-12-111-1/+1
* dhcpcd; bump to version 6.6.5Gravatar Gustavo Zacarias2014-12-102-2/+2
* dhcpcd: bump to version 6.6.4Gravatar Gustavo Zacarias2014-11-282-2/+2
* dhcpcd: bump to version 6.6.2Gravatar Gustavo Zacarias2014-11-192-1/+3
* dhcpcd: use standard installationGravatar Gustavo Zacarias2014-11-191-6/+1
* dhcpcd: do not pass --target optionGravatar Thomas Petazzoni2014-11-071-1/+0
* packages: rename misc. occurrences of _OPT into _OPTSGravatar Thomas De Schampheleire2014-10-041-4/+4
* dhcpcd: security bump to version 6.4.7Gravatar Gustavo Zacarias2014-09-281-1/+1
* dhcpcd: security bump to version 6.4.3Gravatar Gustavo Zacarias2014-08-042-45/+1
* dhcpcd: correct ccache-fixing patch for XtensaGravatar Thomas De Schampheleire2014-06-291-8/+20
* dhcpcd: refer to the actual homepageGravatar Baruch Siach2014-06-291-1/+1
* dhcpcd: fix build with ccacheGravatar Thomas De Schampheleire2014-06-221-0/+32
* dhcpcd: bump to version 6.4.0Gravatar Gustavo Zacarias2014-06-182-9/+7
* dhcpcd: disable on static library buildsGravatar Thomas Petazzoni2014-02-211-0/+6
* dhcpcd: install dhcpcd as /usr/sbin/dhcpcd.Gravatar eric.le.bihan.dev@free.fr2014-01-091-1/+1
* dhcpcd: bump to version 6.1.0Gravatar Gustavo Zacarias2013-11-102-10/+15
* dhcpcd: needs MMUGravatar Thomas Petazzoni2013-11-042-4/+1
* Config.in files: unify comments of toolchain option dependenciesGravatar Thomas De Schampheleire2013-10-141-1/+1
* package: drop unneeded 'call' from {generic,autotools}-package invocationGravatar Peter Korsgaard2013-09-111-1/+1
* dhcpcd: new packageGravatar John Stile2013-06-182-0/+52