path: root/package/e2fsprogs/e2fsprogs.mk
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* fixup a whole steaming pile of insanity. When packages are configured,Gravatar Eric Andersen2007-01-141-0/+1
* - bump versionGravatar Bernhard Reutner-Fischer2006-11-221-1/+1
* - use $(ZCAT) as configured by the user instead of hardcoded 'zcat' that may ...Gravatar Bernhard Reutner-Fischer2006-10-011-1/+1
* remove extra space after touchGravatar Mike Frysinger2005-11-241-1/+1
* version bump and fix stripping as reported by Jun SunGravatar Mike Frysinger2005-09-121-3/+11
* e2fsprogs does not appear to be 'make -j N' safe for N > 1Gravatar Eric Andersen2005-07-201-2/+2
* Thomas Lundquist writes:Gravatar Eric Andersen2005-07-121-0/+1
* be a bit more consistant with naming, always escape wildcardsGravatar Eric Andersen2005-06-241-1/+1
* Make the sourceforge mirror site a config option, as sourceforgeGravatar Eric Andersen2005-06-091-1/+1
* This patch updates the e2fsprogs package to build the 1.37 version ofGravatar Eric Andersen2005-05-161-2/+3
* Add patches for GCC-4.x so that packages will build properly.Gravatar "Steven J. Hill"2005-05-031-0/+1
* cleanup install target a bitGravatar Eric Andersen2005-02-121-4/+4
* make it compileGravatar Eric Andersen2005-02-121-6/+7
* remove 'mke2fs' and instead add the properly named 'e2fsprogs'Gravatar Eric Andersen2005-02-111-0/+77