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* package/libldns: bump version to 1.7.0Gravatar Bernd Kuhls2017-06-058-674/+14
* boot, package: use SPDX short identifier for BSD-3cGravatar Rahul Bedarkar2017-04-011-1/+1
* libldns: Fix build error with perl 5.10Gravatar Bernd Kuhls2016-03-292-0/+460
* libldns: replace patches with proper Git formatted patchesGravatar Thomas Petazzoni2016-03-294-46/+50
* package/libldns: Fix build error with perl 5.22Gravatar Bernd Kuhls2016-03-221-0/+117
* package/libldns: Fix static buildGravatar Bernd Kuhls2015-09-061-1/+12
* package/libldns: new packageGravatar Bernd Kuhls2015-08-295-0/+119