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* libostree: override path to gpg-error-configGravatar Marcus Folkesson2018-07-282-3/+6
* libostree: bump to version 2018.7Gravatar Marcus Folkesson2018-07-214-84/+2
* libostree: add upstream patch to fix linking errorsGravatar Marcus Folkesson2018-07-132-0/+47
* libostree: fix libsoup configure option nameGravatar Marcus Folkesson2018-06-301-2/+2
* libostree: bump to version 2018.6Gravatar Marcus Folkesson2018-06-263-2/+37
* libostree: bump to version 2018.5Gravatar Marcus Folkesson2018-05-112-2/+2
* libostree: bump to version 2018.4Gravatar Marcus Folkesson2018-03-232-2/+2
* libostree: bump to version 2018.3Gravatar Marcus Folkesson2018-03-222-2/+2
* libostree: bump to version 2018.2Gravatar Marcus Folkesson2018-02-152-2/+2
* libostree: bump to version 2018.1Gravatar Marcus Folkesson2018-01-163-39/+2
* libostree: add patch to fix compilation errorGravatar Marcus Folkesson2017-12-281-0/+37
* libostree: make sure libavahi-client is builtGravatar Marcus Folkesson2017-12-281-1/+5
* libostree: bump to version 2017.15Gravatar Marcus Folkesson2017-12-202-2/+2
* libostree: depend on host-bisonGravatar Marcus Folkesson2017-12-111-1/+1
* libostree: bump to version 2017.14Gravatar Marcus Folkesson2017-12-082-2/+2
* libostree: change license to LGPL-2.0+Gravatar Marcus Folkesson2017-12-081-1/+1
* libostree: install to stagingGravatar Marcus Folkesson2017-12-071-0/+1
* libostree: bump to version 2017.13Gravatar Marcus Folkesson2017-12-032-2/+2
* libostree: disable manpages/documentation generationGravatar Marcus Folkesson2017-12-021-1/+6
* libostree: new packageGravatar Marcus Folkesson2017-11-293-0/+87