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* package/*/Config.in: fix help text check-package warningsGravatar Thomas Petazzoni2017-12-181-7/+8
* package/o*/Config.in: fix ordering of statementsGravatar Adam Duskett2017-05-011-1/+1
* package/libgpg-error: bump to version 1.23Gravatar Jörg Krause2016-07-041-0/+1
* opkg: gpg support needs libgpg-errorGravatar Peter Korsgaard2015-06-061-0/+1
* opkg: bump to version 0.3.0Gravatar Vanya Sergeev2015-06-061-0/+6
* libassuan: needs mmuGravatar Gustavo Zacarias2013-10-091-0/+1
* opkg: Add gnupg signature checking support.Gravatar Philipp Claves2013-07-311-0/+10
* Add package 'opkg'Gravatar Thomas De Schampheleire2012-05-181-0/+13