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* opus: drop unneeded autoreconfGravatar Peter Korsgaard2016-06-131-1/+0
* opus: bump to version 1.1.2Gravatar Peter Korsgaard2016-01-132-2/+2
* opus: bump version to 1.1.1Gravatar Peter Korsgaard2015-11-273-45/+2
* opus: add hashGravatar Gustavo Zacarias2015-02-251-0/+2
* package/*: rename patches according to the new policyGravatar Peter Korsgaard2015-02-031-0/+0
* packages/*.mk: Remove duplicate optionsGravatar Maxime Hadjinlian2014-10-191-1/+0
* packages: rename FOO_CONF_OPT into FOO_CONF_OPTSGravatar Thomas De Schampheleire2014-10-041-2/+2
* opus: allow to select fixed-point implementationGravatar Sven Neumann2014-02-052-1/+12
* opus: fix configure issue with ARM optimization when /bin/sh isn't bashGravatar Peter Korsgaard2013-12-082-0/+44
* opus: bump version, add license infoGravatar Peter Korsgaard2013-12-061-1/+3
* opus: bump versionGravatar Peter Korsgaard2013-07-131-1/+1
* Normalize separator size to 80Gravatar Alexandre Belloni2013-06-061-2/+2
* opus: bump versionGravatar Peter Korsgaard2012-12-141-1/+1
* package: add opus audio codec libraryGravatar Peter Korsgaard2012-09-112-0/+31