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* package/python-keyring: bump to version 19.2.0Gravatar Asaf Kahlon2020-04-133-6/+8
* package/python-keyring: fix syntax error in Config.inGravatar Thomas Petazzoni2019-10-211-1/+1
* package/python-secretstorage: drop Python 2 supportGravatar Asaf Kahlon2019-10-211-0/+1
* python-keyring: unbreak after download reworkGravatar Peter Korsgaard2018-04-031-0/+1
* packages: use new $($PKG)_DL_DIR) variableGravatar Maxime Hadjinlian2018-04-021-1/+0
* python-keyring: bump to version 10.5.0Gravatar Yegor Yefremov2017-12-183-13/+15
* package/python-keyring: switch SITE to httpsGravatar Bernd Kuhls2017-12-131-1/+1
* package/python-keyring: add hash fileGravatar Yann E. MORIN2016-06-191-0/+2
* unzip: Use the "-q" option to silence unzipping of source filesGravatar Fabio Porcedda2014-11-021-1/+1
* package: remove the trailing slash sign from <PKG>_SITE variableGravatar Jerzy Grzegorek2014-07-311-1/+1
* python-keyring: new packageGravatar Ludovic Desroches2013-12-152-0/+27