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* package/python-lxml: bump to version 4.3.2Gravatar Asaf Kahlon2019-03-012-3/+3
* package/python-lxml: bump to version 4.3.1Gravatar Asaf Kahlon2019-02-102-4/+4
* python-lxml: bump to version 4.2.6Gravatar Asaf Kahlon2019-01-042-4/+4
* python-lxml: bump to version 4.2.5Gravatar Asaf Kahlon2018-09-252-2/+6
* python-lxml: bump to version 4.2.4Gravatar Yegor Yefremov2018-08-283-3/+4
* python-lxml: bump to version 4.0.0Gravatar Yegor Yefremov2017-09-242-2/+2
* Globally replace $(HOST_DIR)/usr/bin with $(HOST_DIR)/binGravatar Arnout Vandecappelle2017-07-051-2/+2
* package: remove empty line at end of fileGravatar Ricardo Martincoski2017-04-061-1/+0
* python-lxml: allow build as host packageGravatar Carlos Santos2017-04-012-0/+13
* boot, package: use SPDX short identifier for BSD-3cGravatar Rahul Bedarkar2017-04-011-1/+1
* python-lxml: bump to version 3.7.2Gravatar Yegor Yefremov2017-01-132-2/+2
* python-lxml: bump to version 3.7.0Gravatar Yegor Yefremov2016-12-232-2/+2
* python-lxml: bump to version 3.6.4Gravatar Yegor Yefremov2016-09-202-2/+2
* python-lxml: bump to version 3.6.0Gravatar Yegor Yefremov2016-04-132-2/+2
* python-lxml: bump to 3.5.0Gravatar Yegor Yefremov2015-12-032-2/+2
* python-lxml: bump to 3.4.4Gravatar Yegor Yefremov2015-06-212-2/+2
* python-lxml: bump to 3.4.2Gravatar Yegor Yefremov2015-03-252-2/+2
* package/python-lxml: new packageGravatar Yegor Yefremov2015-02-143-0/+43