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* Merge branch 'next'Gravatar Peter Korsgaard2021-03-081-1/+1
| * package/stunnel: bump to version 5.58Gravatar Pierre-Jean Texier2021-02-251-1/+1
* | package/stunnel: add STUNNEL_CPE_ID_VENDORGravatar Fabrice Fontaine2021-03-041-0/+1
* package/stunnel: bump to version 5.57Gravatar Pierre-Jean Texier2020-10-241-1/+1
* package/stunnel: bump to version 5.56Gravatar Pierre-Jean Texier2019-11-251-2/+2
* package/stunnel: bump version to 5.55Gravatar Pierre-Jean Texier2019-07-141-1/+1
* package/stunnel: security bump to version 5.53Gravatar Fabrice Fontaine2019-04-141-1/+1
* package/stunnel: fix static build with openssl and atomicGravatar Fabrice Fontaine2019-04-141-2/+2
* stunnel: bump to version 5.44Gravatar Baruch Siach2017-12-071-1/+1
* boot, linux, package: use SPDX short identifier for GPLv2/GPLv2+Gravatar Rahul Bedarkar2017-04-011-1/+1
* stunnel: fix static linkGravatar Baruch Siach2016-12-271-1/+2
* stunnel: bump to version 5.36Gravatar Gustavo Zacarias2016-09-241-1/+1
* stunnel: security bump to version 5.35Gravatar Gustavo Zacarias2016-07-231-1/+1
* stunnel: bump to version 5.31Gravatar Gustavo Zacarias2016-03-031-1/+1
* stunnel: bump to version 5.29Gravatar Gustavo Zacarias2016-01-211-1/+1
* stunnel: use BR2_TOOLCHAIN_HAS_SSP instead of BR2_ENABLE_SSPGravatar Thomas Petazzoni2015-12-271-1/+1
* stunnel: bump to version 5.28Gravatar Gustavo Zacarias2015-12-111-1/+1
* stunnel: bump to version 5.27Gravatar Gustavo Zacarias2015-12-031-1/+1
* stunnel: bump to version 5.25Gravatar Gustavo Zacarias2015-11-031-1/+1
* stunnel: bump to version 5.24Gravatar Gustavo Zacarias2015-10-091-1/+1
* stunnel: bump to version 5.23Gravatar Gustavo Zacarias2015-09-091-1/+1
* stunnel: bump to version 5.22Gravatar Gustavo Zacarias2015-08-101-1/+1
* stunnel: bump to version 5.21Gravatar Gustavo Zacarias2015-07-281-1/+1
* stunnel: bump to version 5.18Gravatar Gustavo Zacarias2015-06-121-1/+1
* stunnel: add STUNNEL_VERSION_MAJOR variableGravatar Jerzy Grzegorek2015-06-091-2/+3
* stunnel: bump to version 5.17Gravatar Gustavo Zacarias2015-04-301-1/+1
* stunnel: bump to version 5.16Gravatar Gustavo Zacarias2015-04-231-1/+3
* stunnel: bump to version 5.09Gravatar Gustavo Zacarias2015-01-031-2/+2
* stunnel: bump to version 5.08Gravatar Gustavo Zacarias2014-12-161-1/+1
* stunnel: install configuration file unconditionallyGravatar Thomas Petazzoni2014-12-021-3/+2
* stunnel: use the <pkg>_INSTALL_INIT_SYSV mechanismGravatar Thomas Petazzoni2014-12-011-3/+6
* stunnel: bump to version 5.07Gravatar Gustavo Zacarias2014-11-061-2/+9
* stunnel: security bump to version 5.06Gravatar Gustavo Zacarias2014-10-171-1/+1
* packages: rename FOO_CONF_OPT into FOO_CONF_OPTSGravatar Thomas De Schampheleire2014-10-041-1/+1
* stunnel: bump to version 5.03Gravatar Gustavo Zacarias2014-08-271-1/+1
* package: remove the trailing slash sign from <PKG>_SITE variableGravatar Jerzy Grzegorek2014-07-311-1/+1
* stunnel: bump to version 5.02Gravatar Gustavo Zacarias2014-06-181-1/+1
* stunnel: bump to version 5.01Gravatar Baruch Siach2014-04-101-2/+2
* stunnel: bump to version 4.56Gravatar Axel Lin2013-10-061-1/+1
* stunnel: fix download urlGravatar Axel Lin2013-10-061-1/+1
* Normalize separator size to 80Gravatar Alexandre Belloni2013-06-061-2/+2
* stunnel: security bump to version 4.55Gravatar Gustavo Zacarias2013-03-191-4/+4
* all packages: rename XXXTARGETS to xxx-packageGravatar Arnout Vandecappelle (Essensium/Mind)2012-07-171-1/+1
* stunnel: bump to version 4.44Gravatar Gustavo Zacarias2011-10-151-3/+2
* package: remove useless arguments from AUTOTARGETSGravatar Thomas Petazzoni2011-09-291-1/+1
* package: add stunnelGravatar Maxime Ripard2011-07-031-0/+25
* stunnel: remove broken packageGravatar Peter Korsgaard2010-08-291-82/+0
* Update all packages to quote $(TARGET_CC)Gravatar Thomas Petazzoni2010-07-071-1/+1
* buildroot: silence ./configure step when building with 'make -s'Gravatar Peter Korsgaard2009-10-011-1/+1
* package: Remove unnecessary dependencies on uclibc.Gravatar Will Newton2009-09-031-1/+1