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FAQ.html: remove part about firmware upload
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diff --git a/FAQ.html b/FAQ.html
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--- a/FAQ.html
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@@ -608,8 +608,7 @@ binary firmware images.
If you want to be extra nice, you may provide URLs to places
where people may get ARM toolchains or read HOWTOs explaining
how to build one. You may even provide the toolchain.
-You may explain how to download newly built Busybox binary
-into the device. But these "extra nice" things are not required
+But these "extra nice" things are not required
by license. License also does not require you to provide
any support for users which use firmware (or part of it)
built from source.
@@ -618,7 +617,8 @@ What license does require, though, is that Busybox
source which you provide actually can be built and that
it will match Busybox binary which is found in your binary firmware.
Match is meant as "functional match", not byte-by-byte match -
-binaries may slightly differ because of different compilers/linkers used.
+binaries may slightly differ because of different compilers/linkers used,
+because of build timestamp and so on.
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