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<h2>General questions</h2>
+<li><a href="#whatis">What is BusyBox?</a></li>
<li><a href="#getting_started">How can I get started using BusyBox?</a></li>
<li><a href="#configure">How do I configure busybox?</a></li>
<li><a href="#build">How do I build BusyBox with a cross-compiler?</a></li>
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<h1>General questions</h1>
<hr />
+<h2><a name="whatis">What is BusyBox?</a></h2>
+<p> "I use Foomatic-9000 modem. In my modem, BusyBox v1.23.4 is installed.
+ I can reach my modem's Telnet interface and I can reach shell prompt.
+ I want to change configuration, and add some tools. Can I enable FTP?
+ SCP? If I edit a file on the device, I can't save it, I get
+ 'filesyste is read only' error. How can I save a changed file?"
+<p> Questions like the example above is a sign that the person asking it
+ does not fully understand what BusyBox is. BusyBox is not a complete
+ solution for running modems, or wireless access points, etc.
+ BusyBox is only a set of programs. Even though it is a fairly
+ comprehensive set of programs needed to run a Linux system, these
+ programs per se can not "run a modem".
+<p> In order to make BusyBox-based system useful, developers of this system
+ add their own parts. At the very least, there are some shell scripts
+ and configuration files, which control which tools are to be run,
+ when, and how.
+ Often, there are also some web pages and CGI scripts (in order
+ to implement web-based configuration). Also, often developers add
+ other tools beside Linux kernel and BusyBox.
+<p> Since these scripts, configuration files and other tools are
+ custom-designed for a specific device, BusyBox mailing list is usually
+ a wrong place to ask about inner workings of such a device.
+ You are better off googling for a forum where users of this particular
+ device discuss their findings about inner workings of the device,
+ and joining it.
+<hr />
<h2><a name="getting_started">How can I get started using BusyBox?</a></h2>
<p> If you just want to try out busybox without installing it, download the