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<li>btrfs: check first two superblocks, for additional robustness</li>
<li>chown: support long options. By Matheus Izvekov (mizvekov AT</li>
<li>chpst: tiny shrinkage and add possible TODO. By Bernhard Reutner-Fischer ( AT</li>
- <li>cp: FEATURE_CP_LONG_OPTIONS depends on LONG_OPTS</li>
<li>cp: add support for --parents and long option synonyms of short opts. By Ian Wienand (ianw AT</li>
<li>cp: fix -H handling</li>
<li>cpio: fix -o-less cpio -F FILE</li>
@@ -143,7 +142,7 @@
<li>fbset: add possibility to set timing and sync polarity. By Michael Grzeschik (m.grzeschik AT</li>
<li>fbsplash: allow compressed image files. By Vladimir Dronnikov (dronnikov AT</li>
<li>fdisk: add a warning and truncate disks with >= 2^32 sectors</li>
- <li>find: -follow should not error out on dandling links</li>
+ <li>find: -follow should not error out on dangling links</li>
<li>find: add optional support for -links. By Matheus Izvekov (mizvekov AT</li>
<li>find: add zeroing of; ftpd - remove extraneous zeroing of Brought "G trick" to the same shape in a few more places</li>
<li>find: correct handling of -xdev</li>