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@@ -156,8 +156,6 @@ of busybox.</p></li>
a statically linked version of busybox full of debug code, with dependencies on
selinux, using devfs names... This makes sure everything compiles. Whether
or not the result would do anything useful is an open question.</p></li>
-<li><p>make <b>allbareconfig</b> - Select all applets but disable all sub-features
-within each applet. More build coverage testing.</p></li>
<li><p>make <b>randconfig</b> - Create a random configuration for test purposes.</p></li>
@@ -706,14 +704,12 @@ of main(), where APPLET is the name of your applet.</li>
it to determines where it shows up in "make menuconfig"). This uses
the same general format as the linux kernel's configuration system.</li>
-<li>Add your applet to the relevant file (in the same
-directory as the you chose), using the existing entries as a
-template and the same CONFIG symbol as you used for (Don't
-forget "needlibm" or "needcrypt" if your applet needs libm or
+<li>Add your applet to the relevant Kbuild file (in the same directory
+as the you chose), using the existing entries as a template
+and the same CONFIG symbol as you used for</li>
<li>Add your applet to "include/applets.h", using one of the existing
-entries as a template. (Note: this is in alphabetical order. Applets
+entries as a template. (Note: they are in alphabetical order. Applets
are found via binary search, and if you add an applet out of order it
won't work.)</li>
@@ -728,8 +724,7 @@ but instead show up in the generated documentation (BusyBox.html,
BusyBox.txt, and the man page BusyBox.1).</li>
<li>Run menuconfig, switch your applet on, compile, test, and fix the
-bugs. Be sure to try both "allyesconfig" and "allnoconfig" (and
-"allbareconfig" if relevant).</li>
+bugs. Be sure to try both "allyesconfig" and "allnoconfig".</li>