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<p> Since these scripts, configuration files and other tools are
custom-designed for a specific device, Busybox mailing list is usually
a wrong place to ask about inner workings of such a device.
+<p> For a specific example shown above, the answers most likely would
+ look like this:
+<p> "Can I enable FTP?" - "We don't know whether Foomatic-9000 firmware
+ comes with Busbox binary with enabled ftpd applet. (If you have access
+ to shell prompt, try running "busybox ftpd --help"). If it does,
+ you probably will be able to enable it. Unfortunately, we don't know
+ how Foomatic-9000 firmware manages starting and stopping of various
+ services (in case they already have ftpd sevice and it is just disabled),
+ or how to create and enable a new service on Foomatic-9000 (if they dont).
+ Try googling for it."
+ "Can I enable SCP?" - "Busybox-1.23.4 does not have scp applet.
+ However, Foomatic-9000 might have scp installed (say, if they have
+ dropbear installed), and it may be possible to enable it. If not,
+ it may be possible to build and install your own scp tool.
+ Try googling for it."
+<p> "If I edit a file on the device, I can't save it, I get
+ 'filesystem is read only' error. How can I save a changed file?" -
+ "Most embedded devices use flash-based filesystems, and often these
+ filesystems are configured to read-only mode in normal operation.
+ In order to modify some files, you need to find out how to switch
+ the filesystem into read-write mode. Note that sometimes embedded
+ devices use read-only filesystem formats such as cramfs, and therefore
+ in order to replace or add even a single file (such as a new, or
+ an additional Busybox binary), you need to re-create and write out
+ the entire filesystem image. This operation is not simple for
+ inexperienced users and may permanently disable your device if done
+ incorrectly."
You are better off googling for a forum where users of this particular
device discuss their findings about inner workings of the device,
and joining it.