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@@ -131,7 +131,6 @@ Denys Vlasenko:
hush: fix a few more corner cases with empty-expanding `cmds`
hush: fix a signedness bug
hush: fix build if !BASH_LINENO_VAR
- hush: fix compile problem found by randomconfig
hush: fix corner cases with exec in empty expansions
hush: fix dot builtin to not search current directory
hush: fix dup_CLOEXEC() call without "avoid_fd" parameter
@@ -147,7 +146,7 @@ Denys Vlasenko:
hush: fix IFS handling in read
hush: fix mishandling of "true | f() { echo QWE; }"
hush: fix prompt in multi-line $(())
- hush: fix raw ^C handlisg in single-quoted strings
+ hush: fix raw ^C handling in single-quoted strings
hush: fix recent breakage from parse_stream() changes
hush: fix "set -e; false || x=1; echo OK"
hush: fix two corner cases in ${v/pattern/repl}. Closes 10686
@@ -156,8 +155,7 @@ Denys Vlasenko:
hush: fix "$v" expansion in case patterns when v='[a]'
hush: IFS fixes
hush: if we did match "LINENO" or "OPTIND", stop further comparisons
- hush: implement "command" builtin (no options are supported yet)
- hush: implement "command -v -V"
+ hush: implement "command" builtin
hush: implement "hush -s"
hush: less mind-bending set_vars_and_save_old()
hush: make var nesting code independent of "local" support
@@ -271,7 +269,6 @@ Denys Vlasenko:
tar: accomodate non-terminated tar.chksum fields as seen from
tar: add -k and -o to --help
tar: add -o and -k to short --help too
- tart_stop_daemon: another fix to disabled OLDER_VERSION_OF_X code
tar,unzip: postpone creation of symlinks with "suspicious" targets
tc: enable this applet
tcpsvd: fix fallout from opt_complementary removal