BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
1_17_stableApply post-1.17.3 fixes, bump version to 1.17.4Denys Vlasenko6 years
1_18_stableApply post-1.18.4 fixes, bump version to 1.18.5Denys Vlasenko5 years
1_19_stableApply post-1.19.3 patches, bump version to 1.19.4Denys Vlasenko4 years
1_20_stablebuild system: use pkg-config to look up selinux libsMike Frysinger4 years
1_21_stableApply post-1.21.0 patches, bump version to 1.21.1Denys Vlasenko3 years
1_22_stablelibarchive: open_zipped() does not need to check extensions for e.g. gzipDenys Vlasenko21 months
1_23_stableApply post-1.23.1 patches, bump version to 1.23.2Denys Vlasenko16 months
1_24_stableash_test: ignore generated filesMike Frysinger4 months
1_25_stableBump version to 1.25.0Denys Vlasenko5 weeks
masterconfig: disentangle PREFER_APPLETS from SH_STANDALONE and SH_NOFORKDenys Vlasenko34 hours
1_25_0busybox-1_25_0.tar.gz  busybox-1_25_0.tar.bz2  Denys Vlasenko5 weeks
1_24_2busybox-1_24_2.tar.gz  busybox-1_24_2.tar.bz2  Denys Vlasenko4 months
1_24_1busybox-1_24_1.tar.gz  busybox-1_24_1.tar.bz2  Denys Vlasenko9 months
1_24_0busybox-1_24_0.tar.gz  busybox-1_24_0.tar.bz2  Denys Vlasenko9 months
1_23_2busybox-1_23_2.tar.gz  busybox-1_23_2.tar.bz2  Denys Vlasenko16 months
1_23_1busybox-1_23_1.tar.gz  busybox-1_23_1.tar.bz2  Denys Vlasenko18 months
1_23_0busybox-1_23_0.tar.gz  busybox-1_23_0.tar.bz2  Denys Vlasenko19 months
1_22_1busybox-1_22_1.tar.gz  busybox-1_22_1.tar.bz2  Denys Vlasenko3 years
1_22_0busybox-1_22_0.tar.gz  busybox-1_22_0.tar.bz2  Denys Vlasenko3 years
1_21_1busybox-1_21_1.tar.gz  busybox-1_21_1.tar.bz2  Denys Vlasenko3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
34 hoursconfig: disentangle PREFER_APPLETS from SH_STANDALONE and SH_NOFORKHEADmasterDenys Vlasenko
3 dayshush: fix a possible bugDenys Vlasenko
4 daystypo fixesDenys Vlasenko
7 daysash: do not leave SIGQUIT ignored on "exec CMD"Denys Vlasenko
9 dayscp: make verbose cp show symlink copies tooDenys Vlasenko
9 dayssendmail: include -H and -S in short help textDenys Vlasenko
9 dayssendmail: improve help textDenys Vlasenko
12 daystrylink: use "mktemp tmp.XXXXXXXXXX" to placate OS XDenys Vlasenko
12 days{md5,shaN}sum: make -c EMPTY failDenys Vlasenko
13 daysexamples: add a useful "see abridged log" script for ntpd service exampleDenys Vlasenko