BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
1_22_stablelibarchive: open_zipped() does not need to check extensions for e.g. gzipGravatar Denys Vlasenko5 years
1_23_stableApply post-1.23.1 patches, bump version to 1.23.2Gravatar Denys Vlasenko4 years
1_24_stablehttpd: fix handling of range requestsGravatar Denys Vlasenko19 months
1_25_stablesetfiles: fix build failure after common_bufsiz changeGravatar Mike Frysinger2 years
1_26_stablehttpd: fix handling of range requestsGravatar Denys Vlasenko19 months
1_27_stablehttpd: fix handling of range requestsGravatar Denys Vlasenko19 months
1_28_stableBump version to 1.28.4Gravatar Denys Vlasenko11 months
1_29_stableBump version to 1.29.3Gravatar Denys Vlasenko7 months
1_30_stableBump version to 1.30.1Gravatar Denys Vlasenko2 months
masterexamples/var_service: use "exec sleep 5" instead of "{ sleep 5; exit; }"Gravatar Denys Vlasenko3 days
1_30_1busybox-1_30_1.tar.gz  busybox-1_30_1.tar.bz2  Gravatar Denys Vlasenko2 months
1_30_0busybox-1_30_0.tar.gz  busybox-1_30_0.tar.bz2  Gravatar Denys Vlasenko4 months
1_29_3busybox-1_29_3.tar.gz  busybox-1_29_3.tar.bz2  Gravatar Denys Vlasenko7 months
1_29_2busybox-1_29_2.tar.gz  busybox-1_29_2.tar.bz2  Gravatar Denys Vlasenko9 months
1_29_1busybox-1_29_1.tar.gz  busybox-1_29_1.tar.bz2  Gravatar Denys Vlasenko9 months
1_29_0busybox-1_29_0.tar.gz  busybox-1_29_0.tar.bz2  Gravatar Denys Vlasenko10 months
1_28_4busybox-1_28_4.tar.gz  busybox-1_28_4.tar.bz2  Gravatar Denys Vlasenko11 months
1_28_3busybox-1_28_3.tar.gz  busybox-1_28_3.tar.bz2  Gravatar Denys Vlasenko13 months
1_28_2busybox-1_28_2.tar.gz  busybox-1_28_2.tar.bz2  Gravatar Ron Yorston13 months
1_28_1busybox-1_28_1.tar.gz  busybox-1_28_1.tar.bz2  Gravatar Denys Vlasenko14 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2009-04-15apply post-1.13.3 fixes, bump version to 1.13.41_13_41_13_stableGravatar Denis Vlasenko11-81/+239
2009-03-04syslogd: fix new log file mode 0600 -> 0666 (as usual, affected by umask)1_13_3Gravatar Denis Vlasenko1-3/+9
2009-03-04top: fix for 2.4 kernelsGravatar Denis Vlasenko1-1/+1
2009-03-04printf: fix breakage in handling '*'Gravatar Denis Vlasenko1-3/+3
2009-03-02wget: fix --header handlingGravatar Denis Vlasenko1-9/+15
2009-02-26modutils: overflow fixGravatar Denis Vlasenko2-3/+4
2009-02-26Apply post-1.13.2 fixes, bump version to 1.13.3Gravatar Denis Vlasenko10-57/+100
2008-12-31Apply post 1.13.1 patches, bump to 1.13.21_13_2Gravatar Denis Vlasenko12-19/+88
2008-11-29bump version to 1.13.11_13_1Gravatar Denis Vlasenko1-1/+1
2008-11-29apply post-1.13.0 patchesGravatar Denis Vlasenko9-98/+158