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+ <li><b>6 April 2004 -- BusyBox 1.0.0-pre9 released</b><p>
+ Here goes the final BusyBox pre-release... This is your last chance for
+ bug fixes. With luck this will be released as BusyBox 1.0.0 later this
+ week. Please do not bother to send in patches adding cool new features at
+ this time. Only bug-fix patches will be accepted. It would also be
+ <b>very</b> helpful if people could help review the BusyBox documentation
+ and submit improvements. I've spent a lot of time updating the
+ documentation to make it better match reality, but I could really use some
+ assistance in checking that the features supported by the various applets
+ match the features listed in the documentation.
+ <p>
+ I had hoped to get this released a month ago, but
+ <a href="http://codepoet.org/gallery/baby_peter/img_1796">
+ another release on 1 March 2004</a> has kept me busy...
+ <p>
+ The <a href="downloads/Changelog">changelog</a> has all the details.
+ And as usual you can <a href="downloads">download busybox here</a>.
+ <p>Have Fun!
+ <p>
+ <p>
<li><b>23 February 2004 -- BusyBox 1.0.0-pre8 released</b><p>
Here goes yet another BusyBox pre-release... Please do not bother to send