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@@ -26,30 +26,45 @@ But we also need to handle the following problematic moments:
* Bidirectional handling. If user wants to echo a phrase
in Hebrew, he types: echo "srettel werbeH"
- Editors
+ Editors (vi, ed)
This case is a bit similar to "shell input", but unlike shell,
editors may encounder many more unexpected unicode sequences
-(try to load a random binry file...), and they need to preserve
+(try to load a random binary file...), and they need to preserve
them, unlike shell which can afford to drop bogus input.
more, less
+Need to correctly display any input file. Ideally, with
+ASCII/unicode/filtered_unicode option or keyboard switch.
+Note: need to handle tabs and backspaces specially
+(bksp is for manpage compat).
+ cut, fold, watch
+May need ability to cut unicode string to specified number of wchars
+and/or to specified screen width. Need to handle tabs specially.
+ sed, awk, grep
+Handle unicode-aware regexp match
ls (multi-column display)
+ls will fail to line up columnar output if it will not account
+for character widths (and maybe filter out some of them, see
+above). OTOH, non-columnar views (ls -1, ls -l, ls | car)
+should NOT filter out bad unicode (but need to filter out
+control chars (coreutils does that). Note that unlike more/less,
+tabs and backspaces need not special handling.
top, ps
+Need to perform filtering similar to ls.
Filename display (in error messages and elsewhere)
+Need to perform filtering similar to ls.
TODO: write an email to Asmus Freytag (asmus@unicode.org),