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authorDenys Vlasenko <>2010-08-06 15:21:52 (GMT)
committerDenys Vlasenko <>2010-08-06 15:21:52 (GMT)
commitf56fe8254274cea34d2550870c2dfc010bdfa7e8 (patch)
parent95b83ba4f81f0985e2aeb9aec9cd67db7d5d1126 (diff)
update var_bash4 test. one more bug revealed by it now...
Signed-off-by: Denys Vlasenko <>
2 files changed, 68 insertions, 8 deletions
diff --git a/shell/ash_test/ash-vars/var_bash4.right b/shell/ash_test/ash-vars/var_bash4.right
index fc3a9e4..2d4e45b 100644
--- a/shell/ash_test/ash-vars/var_bash4.right
+++ b/shell/ash_test/ash-vars/var_bash4.right
@@ -1,4 +1,23 @@
-In assignment: a*b-backslashstar-
-Unquoted: a*b-backslashstar-
-Quoted: a*b-backslashstar-
+Source: a*b\*c
+Replace str: _\\_\z_
+Pattern: single backslash and star: "replace literal star"
+In assignment: a_\_z_b\*c
+Unquoted: a_\_z_b\*c
+Quoted: a_\_\z_b\*c
+Pattern: double backslash and star: "replace backslash and everything after it"
+In assignment: a*b_\_z_
+Unquoted: a*b_\_z_
+Quoted: a*b_\_\z_
+Source: a\bc
+Replace str: _\\_\z_
+Pattern: single backslash and b: "replace literal b"
+In assignment: a\_\_z_c
+Unquoted: a\_\_z_c
+Quoted: a\_\_\z_c
+Pattern: double backslash and b: "replace backslash and b"
+In assignment: a_\_z_c
+Unquoted: a_\_z_c
+Quoted: a_\_\z_c
Done: 0
diff --git a/shell/ash_test/ash-vars/var_bash4.tests b/shell/ash_test/ash-vars/var_bash4.tests
index 3b323c5..01a0def 100755
--- a/shell/ash_test/ash-vars/var_bash4.tests
+++ b/shell/ash_test/ash-vars/var_bash4.tests
@@ -1,6 +1,47 @@
-echo In assignment: "$BAR"
-echo Unquoted: ${FOO//\\*/-backslashstar-}
-echo Quoted: "${FOO//\\*/-backslashstar-}"
+# This testcase demonstrates that backslashes are treated differently
+# in 1st and 2nd parts of ${var/search/repl}:
+# if quoted: "${var/search/repl}", and repl contains \a (a non-special char),
+# the backslash in repl stays; if unquoted, backslash: removed
+# But search part does not act like that: \a is always converted to just a,
+# even in quotes.
+# bash4 (and probably bash3 too) result: "Quoted:" results are different -
+# they have extra backslash before z.
+echo 'Source: ' "$v"
+echo 'Replace str: ' '_\\_\z_'
+echo 'Pattern: ' 'single backslash and star: "replace literal star"'
+echo 'In assignment:' "$r"
+echo 'Unquoted: ' ${v/\*/_\\_\z_}
+echo 'Quoted: ' "${v/\*/_\\_\z_}"
+echo 'Pattern: ' 'double backslash and star: "replace backslash and everything after it"'
+echo 'In assignment:' "$r"
+echo 'Unquoted: ' ${v/\\*/_\\_\z_}
+echo 'Quoted: ' "${v/\\*/_\\_\z_}"
+echo 'Source: ' "$v"
+echo 'Replace str: ' '_\\_\z_'
+echo 'Pattern: ' 'single backslash and b: "replace literal b"'
+echo 'In assignment:' "$r"
+echo 'Unquoted: ' ${v/\b/_\\_\z_}
+echo 'Quoted: ' "${v/\b/_\\_\z_}"
+echo 'Pattern: ' 'double backslash and b: "replace backslash and b"'
+echo 'In assignment:' "$r"
+echo 'Unquoted: ' ${v/\\b/_\\_\z_}
+echo 'Quoted: ' "${v/\\b/_\\_\z_}"
echo Done: $?