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Hiroshi Ito found some bugs. The 'c' command (cut and paste) was hardwired
to not put a newline at the end (which was backwards, it should have been hardwired _to_ put a newline at the end, whether or not the input line ended with a newline). Test case for that: echo | sed -e '$ctest' And then this would segfault: echo | sed -e 'g' Because pattern_space got freed but the dead pointer was only overwritten in an if statement that didn't trigger if the hold space was empty. Oops. While debugging it, I found out that the hold space is persistent between multiple input files, so I promoted it to a global and added it to the memory cleanup. The relevant test case (to compare with That Other Sed) is: echo -n woo > woo sed -e h -e g woo echo "fish" | sed -e '/woo/h' -e "izap" -e 's/woo/thingy/' -e '/fish/g' woo - And somebody gratuitously stuck in a c99 int8_t type for something that's just a flag, so I grouped the darn ints.
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