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@@ -155,15 +155,17 @@ config FEATURE_SUID
default n
With this option you can install the busybox binary belonging
- to root with the suid bit set, and it'll and it'll automatically drop
+ to root with the suid bit set, and it will automatically drop
priviledges for applets that don't need root access.
- If you're really paranoid and don't want to do this, build two
+ If you are really paranoid and don't want to do this, build two
busybox binaries with different applets in them (and the appropriate
symlinks pointing to each binary), and only set the suid bit on the
one that needs it. The applets currently marked to need the suid bit
- are login, passwd, su, ping, traceroute, crontab, dnsd, ipcrm, ipcs,
- and vlock.
+ are:
+ crontab, dnsd, findfs, ipcrm, ipcs, login, passwd, ping, su,
+ traceroute, vlock.
bool "Runtime SUID/SGID configuration via /etc/busybox.conf"
@@ -593,9 +595,9 @@ source modutils/Config.in
source util-linux/Config.in
source miscutils/Config.in
source networking/Config.in
+source printutils/Config.in
source procps/Config.in
-source shell/Config.in
-source sysklogd/Config.in
source runit/Config.in
source selinux/Config.in
-source printutils/Config.in
+source shell/Config.in
+source sysklogd/Config.in