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- fixes parallel builds (make -j)
- use less resources for the buildsystem itself
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@@ -72,6 +72,13 @@ also configure a standaone install capability into the busybox base applet,
and then install such links at runtime with one of "busybox --install" (for
hardlinks) or "busybox --install -s" (for symlinks).
+If you built busybox as shared object which uses libbusybox.so and have not
+yet installed the binary but want to run tests, then set your LD_LIBRARY_PATH
+accordingly before running the executable:
+ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=`pwd`
+ ./busybox
Building out-of-tree:
@@ -80,8 +87,13 @@ Building from a read-only source tree, or to building multiple
configurations from the same source directory, requires the ability to
put the temporary files somewhere else.
-To build out of tree, use the O=$BUILDPATH option during the configuration
-step, as in:
+To build out of tree, cd to the empty directory and do this instead:
+ make -f /path/to/source/Makefile allyesconfig
+ make
+ make install
+Alternately, use the O=$BUILDPATH option during the configuration step, as in:
make O=/some/empty/directory allyesconfig
cd /some/empty/directory
@@ -90,11 +102,6 @@ step, as in:
(Note, O= requires an absolute path.)
-Alternately, cd to the empty directory and do this instead:
- make top_srcdir=/path/to/source -f /path/to/source/Makefile allyesconfig
- make
- make install
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