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Update required kernel version and note that libc5 is no longer
supported (it is unmaintained and lacks support for simple things such as stdint.h) and uClibc is a better choice these days anyways.
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@@ -41,13 +41,14 @@ Supported architectures:
Supported libcs:
- glibc-2.0.x, glibc-2.1.x, glibc-2.2.x, Linux-libc5, uClibc. People
+ glibc-2.0.x, glibc-2.1.x, glibc-2.2.x, glibc-2.3.x, uClibc. People
are looking at newlib and diet-libc, but consider them unsupported,
- untested, or worse.
+ untested, or worse. Linux-libc5 is no longer supported -- you
+ should probably use uClibc instead if you want a small C library.
Supported kernels:
- Full functionality requires Linux 2.0.x or better. A large fraction of the
+ Full functionality requires Linux 2.2.x or better. A large fraction of the
code should run on just about anything. While the current code is fairly
Linux specific, it should be fairly easy to port the majority of the code
to, say, FreeBSD or Solaris, or MacOsX, or even Windows (if you are into that