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@@ -29,6 +29,37 @@ compiled in functions. By default, 'make install' will place the symlink
forest into `pwd`/_install unless you have defined the PREFIX environment
variable (i.e. make PREFIX="/tmp/foo" install)
+Getting help:
+When you find you need help, you can check out the BusyBox mailing list
+archives at http://opensource.lineo.com/lists/busybox/ or even join
+the mailing list if you are interested.
+If you find bugs, follow the instructions at http://bugs.lineo.com/Reporting.html
+and submit a bug report. This way, we can be sure nothing falls through the
+Source for the latest released version can always be downloaded from
+ ftp://ftp.lineo.com/pub/busybox.
+BusyBox now has its own publically browsable CVS tree at:
+ http://opensource.lineo.com/cgi-bin/cvsweb/busybox/
+Anonymous CVS access is available. For instructions, check out:
+ http://opensource.lineo.com/cvs_anon.html
+For those that are actively contributing there is even CVS write access:
+ http://opensource.lineo.com/cvs_write.html
Please feed suggestions, bug reports, insults, and bribes back to:
Erik Andersen