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Busybox should have a sample initramfs build script. This depends on
bbsh, mdev, and switch_root.
+ mkdep
+ Write a mkdep that doesn't segfault if there's a directory it doesn't
+ have permission to read, isn't based on manually editing the output of
+ lexx and yacc, doesn't make such a mess under include/config, etc.
+ Group globals into unions of structures.
+ Go through and turn all the global and static variables into structures,
+ and have all those structures be in a big union shared between processes,
+ so busybox uses less bss. (This is a big win on nommu machines.) See
+ sed.c and mdev.c for examples.
+ Go through bugs.busybox.net and close out all of that somehow.
+ This one's open to everybody, but I'll wind up doing it...
Bernhard Fischer <rep.nop@anon.at>: