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Size I zapped the bb_close() error, might as well make a TODO item.
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Compression-side support.
+ General cleanup.
Architectural issues:
+bb_close() with fsync()
+ We should have a bb_close() in place of normal close, with a CONFIG_ option
+ to not just check the return value of close() for an error, but fsync().
+ Close can't reliably report anything useful because if write() accepted the
+ data then it either went out or it's in cache or a pipe buffer. Either way,
+ there's no guarantee it'll make it to its final destination before close()
+ gets called, so there's no guarantee that any error will be reported.
+ You need to call fsync() if you care about errors that occur after write(),
+ but that can have a big performance impact. So make it a config option.
Do a SUSv3 audit
Look at the full Single Unix Specification version 3 (available online at
"http://www.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/009695399/nfindex.html") and