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Remove something we did, not that I'm doing something, and add something we
haven't done. Woo.
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world. The "make uninstall" of lots of things (including busybox itself)
breaks because of this, and sometimes even "make install" (like udev).
- Perl needs "comm" to build. It's small and simple, but we haven't got it.
The command shell situation is a big mess. We have three or four different
shells that don't really share any code, and the "standalone shell" doesn't
@@ -22,6 +19,8 @@ sh
being reentrant. Unifying the various shells and figuring out a configurable
way of adding the minimal set of bash features a given script uses is a big
job, but it be a big improvement.
+ Note: Rob Landley (rob@landley.net) is working on this one, but very slowly...
Can't handle compressing multiple files at once. (I don't mean making a
@@ -36,6 +35,9 @@ diff
We should have a diff -u command. We have patch, we should have diff
(we only need to support unified diffs though).
+ Would be nice. The basic susv3 options, plus fuser -k.
should have -i support, and simple fuzz factor support to apply patches
at an offset shouldn't take up too much space.