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clean up TODO file. No real code changes.
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@@ -7,19 +7,16 @@ have any suggestions how they plan to go about it, and to minimize conflicts
between your work and theirs. But otherwise, all of these are fair game.
Rob Landley <rob@landley.net>:
- Add BB_NOMMU to platform.h and migrate __uClinux__ tests to that.
- #if defined __UCLIBC__ && !defined __ARCH_USE_MMU__
Add a libbb/platform.c
Implement fdprintf() for platforms that haven't got one.
Implement bb_realpath() that can handle NULL on non-glibc.
Cleanup bb_asprintf()
- Migrate calloc() and bb_calloc() occurrences to bb_xzalloc().
Remove obsolete _() wrapper crud for internationalization we don't do.
Figure out where we need utf8 support, and add it.
- The command shell situation is a big mess. We have three or four different
+ The command shell situation is a big mess. We have three different
shells that don't really share any code, and the "standalone shell" doesn't
work all that well (especially not in a chroot environment), due to apps not
being reentrant.
@@ -124,9 +121,6 @@ Bernhard Fischer <busybox@busybox.net> suggests to look at these:
As yet unclaimed:
- doesn't understand (), lots of susv3 stuff.
Make sure we handle empty files properly:
From the patch man page:
@@ -143,10 +137,6 @@ patch
And while we're at it, a new patch filename quoting format is apparently
coming soon: http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=git&m=112927316408690&w=2
-ps / top
- Add support for both RSS and VSIZE rather than just one or the other.
- Or make it a build option.
It would be nice to have a man command. Not one that handles troff or
anything, just one that can handle preformatted ascii man pages, possibly
@@ -310,9 +300,6 @@ Code cleanup:
Replace deprecated functions.
-bzero() -> memset()
-sigblock(), siggetmask(), sigsetmask(), sigmask() -> sigprocmask et al
vdprintf() -> similar sized functionality